Black boy fly scaring himself.

Posted on August 9, 2015

This post is inspired by a rap song Black Boy Fly by Kendrick Lamar and a podcast episode from Thoughtbot. I hate hip hop because I think it’s the most hypocritical, bastardised and commercialised genre of music ever with little or no art or true emotion in it. In short hip hop is consumerism in a music genre. Pretending to not be just that. However, this song resonated with me. Here are the lyrics.

Thoughtbot have a podcast called giant robots smashing into other giant robots. Episode 118 also resonated with me. I was listening to this very episode on the night that I woke up and signed up for the Google Summer of Code. I scared myself.


I am a creator. I create things, put them out to the world and accept feedback. To be a creator one requires the intrinsic motivation and desire to create. Otherwise, you can’t do it very well or for very long. Not from money or fear or other external factors but a real internal hunger and desire to create. With intrinsic motivation no matter what you achieve you’ll still be a great creator.

The problem is that intrinsic motivation and other factors that affect one’s ability to create are affected by one’s environment.
If you feel that your actions are mediocre you have to look at the conversations (and thoughts) you’ve been having. If your conversations and thoughts have been mediocre you have to look at who have you been talking to. There’s a common saying that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

Instrinsic motivation can easily be ruined by your environment which affects your mood and so forth. I’ll come back to this later. I am not a believer of the supernatural but I do believe in positive energy, positive thinking and admire the Buddhist way of life. Plus I meditate.

Another reason your actions/work may be mediocre is that you get better at what you put most of your time into. If you put little or no time into creating(or doing what you do) then don’t be surprised when the results are poor. So you have to work hard and put hours into what you want to achieve.


Your habits make or break you. So cultivate awesome habits. If you create habits of spending time with great people, reading, working and working out, planning out your day. You gradually build a better and happier life. Don’t think about it, don’t whine, don’t wait for motivation. Just do it.

This you will hear from people who are into fitness. Don’t talk about motivation. Just go to the gym and work out. If you were an entrepreneur would you just not go to work because you don’t “feel it”? You have to cultivate good habits. Plain and simple. No shortcut.

Wake up and create. No matter your inability to “feel it” today.
Build a habit of creating.

Quoting Dan Martell “The best place you want to be in your life is inside your magic zone but outside your comfort zone.” Outside your comfort zone is whenever you’re scared. Inside your magic zone is dependent on you. I read that great entrepreneurs are often known for biting off more than they can chew. If you want to get anything out of life you have to get out of your comfort zone. Scare yourself.

Being psychopathic.

This has to do with environment and the people around you. I said I’d get back to this.

To truly get anywhere, for the black boy to fly, you have to be totally obsessive with what you love; no distraction. YOU HAVE TO BE OBSESSIVE. A work life balance is a myth, plain and simple. Surveys on executives of Fortune 500 companies have showed that they exhibit psychopathic charachteristics. Here is an article on forbes and on nytimes on this. This means easily making decisions that others might not like and even enjoying it.

Here’s the ugly part: sometimes you have to dissociate with people who you feel are holding you back from achieving what you want. This is scary because they can be your friends, your family. You know what yours is. Dan Martell talks about it in friendventory. You have to take friendventory.

Dan Martell’s friend Dandapani (a hindu priest) talks about affectionate detachment (a Hindu thing) The interpretation of affectionate detachment is: I love you, I care for you but I can’t be around you all the time for the sake of us both. Plain and simple.

Sometimes you may be afraid that if you dissociate and chase your dreams and fail you will look like/be a fool. If you care about other peoples’ opinions so much that it gets in the way of your ability to create then you don’t want to create and achieve your goals no matter what.
Don’t be afraid to dissociate and be a psychopath if you truly know what you want and truly want it. So if you don’t want to party all day every day. Screw them. Do your thing. Go crazy.

Simply put, people have a drafting or gravitational effect. Who you spend time with affects who you are, what you do and achieve. Even worse, it affects what you believe you can achieve. You have to realise that this person is harmful or this person is negative or too derailing and take appropriate action. If they are your real friends, if they really care then they’d want to see you chase your dreams, no judgement. If they don’t understand that this is something you must do; move on.
They have to understand that this isn’t working for you. If not, life goes on.

Surround yourself with like minds or at least people who want what you want and just as bad as you want it. People who want it so bad it seems psychopathic.

Thinking big.

Dan Martell talks about what he learned about moving to San Fransico and it was thinking big. Thinking big isn’t about just saying “think big”. It has to do with the drafting effect created by those around you.

It’s about seeing peers (normal dudes like him) chase their dreams and achieve great things. He saw normal dudes scare themselves and build companies that went on to billion dollar valuations. Thinking big is what he learned from moving to San Fransisco and that’s what thinking big is.

Conversations drive thoughts. Thoughts shape actions. If the quality of your conversations are mediocre at best, then your actions will match that.

Friends set your scale for what’s reasonable. You think you can be successful but only so much more successful than my most successful friend or the most successful person you know.

Seeing normal people, people like you and me. People who aren’t smarter or more driven. People who are just passionate, they’re persistent, they chose to scare themselves. They just chose to CREATE. They build great things. They have big thoughts. They’re not afraid. They do things.

Steve Jobs said that the most powerful thing to know is that everything you see and use was created by people no different than you and I.


You can get what you want if you want it bad enough because you’ll do WHATEVER WHATEVER it takes.