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Posted on December 8, 2014
Tags: Chess

This is not a post about any chess strategies but about me playing chess again after a not playing for a while. This post makes me wish my blog had comments. You could tweet me at [@urbanslug] if it’s not too much work.

So after many years of not playing chess, at least taking it seriously, I’ve decided to go back to playing. Why? I thought it would help me with mathematics and logic and programming but it’s turned out to be a lot of fun so now I’m doing it because it’s fun.

So it’s like this, I’m getting better at my opening game thanks to My middle game and end game will be worked on in that order. I’m not reading any books yet because I have exams to study for but I am reading a lot of online material other than what I’ve mentioned above and playing a lot more. I will start on a book when I get the time hopefully this December. I will write a review on the book that I will read and how it has impacted my playing.

Also I have tried creating a profile on FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) to play online, for some reason they never send me the confirmation email. I guess I’ll be playing as guest until I get the time to email an admin and whine. Why I chose FICS? I installed pychess (on my arch) and the online play it has allows for FICS as the default so I went with it.

I hope this will be as fun as I remember it being back when I was in chess club and there was a coach and not just be a phase. Anyway if has taught me anything it’s that it’s not about reading books or memorizing strategies but rather about practice.