Being black can be hard.

Posted on March 22, 2014

I wrote this because of a picture that was PUBLISHED in a Belgian paper (De Morgen). The photograpgh is proof enough that proving your worth while being black no matter what or who you are is not easy. There are people who believe that being black is abominable. Those people will never think you are worth much no matter what you do. And there are tons of them in many parts of this world.



It affects your chances of success in life, how much you earn, where you can comfortably go or not go e.t.c. So it fucking matters.

What does his wife have to do with it anyway? Fucking wrong! With his wife in it you can’t claim that it was satirical as idiots on twitter shall claim.

It’s sad. It’s fucking wrong.

Something else:



Former Russian figure skater Irina Rodnina posted a photo of Mr and Mrs Obama looking at someone who was holding up a banana, which has racist implications.

“After being questioned about the photo, the 65-year-old former politician said that there was nothing wrong with the image and refused to apologize for posting it.” Read the full article here: Article: Racist Former Russian Figure Skater


I give Obama a lot more respect now than I did before. I can only imagine what he has to put up with. It’s a shame that such had to happen for me to see that he really is worth more than what we give him credit for. He surely puts on a brave front. I can only thank him for what he has done for black people in showing that they too can do something worthwhile just like anybody else.

I believe that nobody is worth more than the other or worth more than anything else. Whether because of your species, you race, morphology, education, money et cetera. All life is sacred.

I wish Africans would stop opressing each other and for once help each other and consequently Africa, rise from poverty. Since it seems to be the only place black people can live in comfort.

I wish more and more Africans would know this when lynching gay people. “Some people think that you deserve to die (or at least deserve less) because of what you are and what you look like.”